Monday, 26 March 2012

shahi tukray :) with a green twist!

prep time 5 minutes | cook time 10 minutes


bread slices8
milk half litre
sugar 6 table spoon
green cardamom (choti ilaiichi) 11
fresh cream half cup
saffron (zafran/kesar) strands (a pinch usually but in these i didnt use it)
yellow food color (but i used green since i wantde to make a flag out of it) few drops

ghee for frying


cut the edges of bread ( the dark brown part)
deep fry till golden brown

at the same time boil the milk and add sugar.add cardamom and bring to boil add zafran and yellow food color ( i used green due to my theme). remove from stove.

soak the bread pieces in hot milk for 3 minutes each. dont let the bread get sloppy. take the pieces out from milk and garnish with nuts and cream.

enjoy :)

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